Accreditation:  A Modular Course with accreditation from Professional Bodies and MyopiaCare™ Network and Public Referral.
Your pace & your location Real Time Webinars or recorded for you to undertake at your convenience.
Select what is best for you. The webinars that are relevant to you. (different countries and qualifications).
Choose your speed and select your topics in the order that suits you. 
  • Free introductory webinar (2 case studies)

followed by 1 hour webinars costing a nominal £10 login and registration.

  • Soft contact lens myopia management options. (2 case studies)

  • Rigid and OrthoK myopia management. (2 case studies)

  • Spectacle Lens myopia management. (2 case studies)

  • Pharma myopia management. (2 case studies)

  • Customised myopia management. (2 case studies)

  • Getting started: Communication and Equipping your clinic (2 case studies)

Presenters/Guest Presenters and languages will vary according to national requirements.
English Language versions commence in October 2017. Other languages are to be released before the end of 2017.
The modular release builds over 3 months and has ongoing support and updates.
Webinars typically last 45 minutes with 15 minute for case studies. These can be real time with real time questions an answers or at your own time with feedback 
Practical tips and clinical pearls to get started or refine treatment plans. 
Delivered through accredited EyeCare as part of MyopiaCare™
Total 7 hours of webinars, 14 Case studies as an Illustration & practical approach to Myopia Management.

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