New support in customer communication with Myopia Care

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We have continued to work on Myopia Care application with the integration of new languages and published many new articles in German and English to our blog.
We would like to thank Tom Aller for the US version and his great support!

So what else is NEW: 

  • New on-line resources are in place with our on-line shop that makes the leaflet printing economical. This extends the support we offer you and your patients. 
  • New individualised leaflets are available in both the 2 and 4 page format. This offers a stamp field or add your logo and contact details!
  • These are ideal materials for distribution to schools, clubs, children’s, shops and paediatricians as well as your reception / waiting and examination room.
  • These flyers raise the topic of conversation surrounding Myopia Control and offers independent support to the process of Myopia Control.
  • NEW Poster Version is available: Use the A1 poster for the shop window and display stands. 
  • The poster creates a point of discussion and build awareness.
New website design and layout improves functionality and updates current technologies. (Myopia Control Spectacle Lenses are highlighted)
New technologies at pre-launch. Now exclusively for our members, our Network of Practices will be at the forefront of NEW TECHNOLOGY RELEASES and evaluation.

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