Importance Of Eye Care In Kids

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Kids are growing up, and it is during this stage that they are developing their own perception of the world around them. A good eyesight and vision is not only necessary but extremely important for them. In order to keep their vision on the right level and prevent them from developing any sort of problems, regular eye tests are pivotal for the kids.

Why is vision screening not enough?

Vision screening is nothing but a test which helps determine flaws, if there exist any, with the vision only. The test is incomprehensive when it comes to finding out any problems the eye might be developing. In order to identify the issues, the eyes might have, it is important to go for a thorough examination of the eyes: a test which usually takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

These tests include:

  • Refraction, or Visual Acuity Testing which determines the clarity and the sharpness of vision
  • Visual field testing which makes an assessment of the peripheral field the vision covers.
  • A retina (or fundus) examination where the retina, blood vessels and the insides of the eyes are thoroughly examined.
  • Eye movement tests (Phoria) which determine any abnormality in the movement of the eyes


Eye care for myopia control

Myopia or nearsightedness is one of the most common problems amongst the growing kids nowadays. All thanks to the technology and various gadgets, kids can be developing eye problems in the early years of their lives. There are cures being worked out that can help resolve the problem in kids, but prevention and care are always better than cure.

f your child is suffering from myopia, then you need to take steps that would help take the stress off his eyes.

  • Using corrective glasses can assist them with vision and take the undue stress of their eye muscles.
  • Make them spend less time watching television or using phones. Encourage them to play outdoors instead.
  • Advise them to look in the distance from time to time. Taking regular intervals to focus on an object in the distance while reading or studying will help distress the eyes.
  • Regular eye tests are important to keep track of their vision.

With kids, eye care is extremely important, and there is no second opinion about it. Regular eye tests help detect the problems so that you can give your kid the care they require in case of any issue. An early detection can help control the problem and prevent it from deteriorating any further.

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