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“No longer is it appropriate to just chase short-sightedness in children. We now have a proven tools to control and manage childhood Short Sightedness (Myopia).” 

says Nick Dash, Optometrist.

There has been a doubling of the levels of childhood myopia within a generation caused by a change in activity and lifestyle of the young. In Europe a third of children will become myopic by the time they leave school”


Why is it so important to slow or manage myopia?


Short-sightedness is more than just thicker lenses. As the child becomes more short-sighted the eye elongates and the consequence of this is a weakening the back of the eye. Increasing the risk of sight threatening conditions from cataracts, glaucoma to macular degeneration or retinal detachments.


So what are the options of correcting Childhood Short-Sightedness?


What are the best options for Myopia Management?


1. MiSight1day a revolutionary, convenient and comfortable daily disposable lens for children as young as 6 years of age has been released.
In clinical trials representing over 10,000 days of lens wear, these have shown significant reduction in Myopia Progression. Approximately a third of children stop become more short-sighted in the 2 year trial data.
These studies show it is safe to wear for children and the vast majority manage to put them on and take them out themselves. (other monthly or customized lenses exist that are believed to have a similar effect)

2. Optical Retainers Yes similar to dental retainers these are lenses worn overnight that correct the vision and can reduce the progression or more myopia. The option of an Optical Retainer or so called Ortho-K lens can have some advantages. Ortho-K lenses can be put in by the parent before sleep and remove in the morning, leaving the child’s vision normal during the daytime.


Both options offer a similar benefit in correcting vision and reducing short-sighted progression.


To take a risk assessment you can come into one of the myopiacare accredited practice or complete a free online calculator of risk at www.myopiacare.org/

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