Myopia, dry eye, macular degeneration are linked to digital device use

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By Dr. Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA

First published at "Primary Care Optometry News" May 2017, with his kind permission
In this commentary, myopia expert Dr. Thomas Aller, proposes that there are important parallels between myopia, dry eye and macular degeneration. Each condition is progressive, degenerative, irreversible and share the possibility of tragic consequences. With apologies to Albert Einstein for borrowing his Grand Unified Theory, Dr. Aller has adopted that theory to suggest that all of these conditions may all share a linkage to excess digital device use in childhood.

Optometry is perhaps uniquely suited to take on these three challenges and may have the opportunity to greatly benefit their patients. This commentary is meant as a wake up call for doctors interested in myopia control to also think about dry eyes and retinal damage, for dry eye doctors to think about young patients with dry eye and to watch for myopia in those patients, and for doctors interested in macular degeneration to also look for early signs in younger patients and to also look for dry eye and myopia.

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Dr. Thomas Aller

About Dr. Thomas Aller

Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLA has been in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for 34 years. He has been conducting clinical research in myopia control for 25 years. Currently he is a Senior Project Scientist for the Vision CRC and collaborates on the myopia control projects of the Brien Holden Vision Institute

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