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Until today we could on Google organic and paid search to generate most of our site traffic, but not anymore. While organic is still the most-quality traffic, what if it goes away? While paid keyword searches is helpful in generating specific conversions, in the end you are often just get those visitors. So if you want to stay relevant today, we need to rethink our concepts of referral traffic as it looks much different today than it did before.

To assist you in getting more enquiries whilst retaining security we can add links to third party sites. Especially text rich and highly interactive sites.

This can be achieved with some very simple steps by adding Myopia Care to you practice website.

Follow these steps

Step1. Download the HTML code:

Step 2. Ask your website director / administrator to upload this code into your website on any page you like. The content does not need adding at this stage and can be added before or after. (So don’t worry if you can’t find the words… although feel free to copy and paste or take inspiration from our site. Potentially offering a free on-line test for myopia risk is a good start.)

Step 3. Save it and enjoy the extra traffic!

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