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Myappia – The myopia calculator


Get now the first myopia control progression calculator

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What is Myappia©?

Myappia© is a powerful tool for visualizing the expected progression of myopia or nearsightedness over time.

Myappia© allows for the entry of the patient’s age and initial prescription and then calculates based on several longitudinal studies, the likely progression of myopia over the following 10 years.

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Add this incredibly useful tool for the Myopia.Care questionnaire to support the counselling of myopic children and their parents.

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Learn more about Myappia by Dr. Thomas Aller FBCLA

If you are treating myopia progression in your practice now, you may find it challenging to explain to patients and parents how your treatments are effective in slowing myopia progression, yet their myopia continues to increase.

Myappia© allows you to demonstrate to your patients and parents the likely progression over time with standard glasses and contact lenses as well as with your choice of bifocal spectacles, progressive addition multifocals, “flat optical profile” contact lenses, low dose atropine, bifocal contact lenses, orthokeratology and custom myopia control contact lenses. There are certain assumptions associated with each treatment choice from an average of the studies available and these percentage reductions are used to modify the predicted progression curves.

With Myappia© you can now show your parents and patients how their treatment choices may alter their future myopia progression outcomes and it will also allow you to assess the success of your treatment choices at each follow-up visit. If at your six-month visit, you find that your treatment choice is less effective than expected, you can decide to alter your approach either with a more effective method or by altering the design or by combining two different treatments.

The original myopia calculator Myappia© was developed in 2016 by Dr. Thomas Aller as an Android App and sold in the Google shop.


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