Is the iPad making your child’s eyes worse?

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Article from Philip Cheng, B.Optom (Melb) Ocular Therapeutics (Australia) With friendly permission from Philip Cheng   “We’ll take his iPad away”, says his father after learning how much worse his son’s eyes have worsened in one year. The iPad. We all have one. Many children use … Read More

Why your kids might be able to see better if they play outdoors more often

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There are many health benefits to kids playing outdoors, not the least of which is preventing myopia. wavebreakmedia/ Karla Zadnik, The Ohio State University and Don Mutti, The Ohio State University The ready availability of technology may make the children of today faster at configuring a … Read More

Contact lenses worthwhile option for preteens, children

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This Article was original published at Date of first publication : 07/2017 Age 16 stands out among life’s milestones: drivers’ licenses, first jobs-and contact lenses? It’s not unusual for parents, or even doctors, to set this age limit, yet research shows that contact lenses are a … Read More

Contact lens options of a myopic child

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Taken from an article with the permission of the author Nick Dash. References on request.Much of the research published around Myopia Control is based on the use of optical devices. This seems logical as these patients require some form of optical correction and so it seems intuitive … Read More

“Just Getting Glasses” – No longer good enough

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By Dr. Thomas Aller, OD, FBCLAFirst published at “The Treehouse Eye Blog” February 16, 2017, With kind permission from Dr. Thomas Aller  Myopia, or nearsightedness, is starting earlier in children, progressing more rapidly and reaching higher levels than ever before. Throughout Asia, myopia now affects up to 90% … Read More - the web application for myopia control