Nötiges Fachwissen oder Spezialisierung?

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Erstpublikation in der DOZ 06 | 2019, mit freundlicher Genehmigung vom Autor, Herrn Ingo Rütten Sollte ein Augenoptiker heute eine Myopie-Kontrolle anbieten? Hat er die Möglichkeiten dazu, und lässt sich damit Geld verdienen? Die DOZ hat sich umgehört. In den vergangenen Jahren hat sich durch den … Read More

Too much screen time linked to an epidemic of myopia among young people

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Written by Prof. Langis Michaud OD, MSC, FAAO (Dipl), FSLS, FBCLA Dr. Michaud is a full professor and chief of the contact lens department at École d’optométrie de l’Université de Montréal. He is also a consultant or advisor to Blanchard and has received educational funding from Allergan; … Read More

Axial Length in Orthokeratology Patients: Large Case Series

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Research article from Michael J Lipson*, Jordan K Harris, Henry D Lather, Leslie M Niziol and David C Musch With friendly permission from Michael J Lipson Citation: Lipson MJ, Harris JK, Lather HD, Niziol LM, Musch DC (2016) Axial Length in Orthokeratology Patients: Large Case Series. … Read More

Aus der Nähe betrachtet

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This Article was original published at the eyecom magazine Written by Pascal Blaser, M.Sc. in Vision Science and Business Date of first publication : 11/2017 DER KURZSICHTIGKEIT WIRD DERZEIT VON DEN MEDIEN UND INDUSTRIE BESONDERE BEACHTUNG GESCHENKT. TEILWEISE REISSERISCH WIRD GELEGENTLICH EINE EPIDEMIEARTIGE MYOPIEPROGRESSION BEI KINDERN … Read More

Myopia Control part of “GP ANNUAL REPORT 2017”

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This is an part of the article from the GP ANNUAL REPORT 2017. Republished with permission of Contact Lens Spectrum, Copyright 2017, all rights reserved. Written by EDWARD S. BENNETT, OD, MSED MYOPIA CONTROL The most significant news regarding orthokeratology (ortho-k) in the last year is that, contrary to … Read More


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By Langis Michaud, OD, MSC, FAAO (Dipl), FSLS, FBCLA; Patrick Simard, OD, MBA, MSC, FAAO; & Patrick SIimard, OD, MSC, MBA First published at “Contact Lens Spectrum” September 2017, With kind permission from Dr. Langis Michaud  Eight elements to take into account when considering orthokeratology for myopia control. … Read More

Proven options of correcting childhood short-sightedness?

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Nick Dash, Optometrist says “No longer is it appropriate to just chase short-sightedness in children. We now have proven tools to control and manage childhood short-sightedness (Myopia).” So what are the options of correcting childhood short-sightedness? 1. MiSight-1day a revolutionary, convenient and comfortable daily disposable lens … Read More

Contact lens options of a myopic child

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Taken from an article with the permission of the author Nick Dash. References on request.Much of the research published around Myopia Control is based on the use of optical devices. This seems logical as these patients require some form of optical correction and so it seems intuitive … Read More

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