The biggest opportunity in Eyecare 2017

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The biggest opportunity in Eyecare 2017

MyopiaCare the 'myopia predictive tool' and patient referral to your clinic.
Most Western Countries are witnessing 50% of the children being Myopic by the time they leave school.
To access this opportunity and treat myopia as a health care professional, you need to demonstrate that these children are at risk and how to treat them.
MyopiaCare offers the first ‘one stop shop’ to support patients and parent to access Eye Care Professionals with a Specialist On-line secure tools.
MyopiaCare is a referral and support tool to educate patients and clinicians to deliver effective Myopia Control.

Communication and compliance.

Communication is always key to compliance and the understanding of the motivation and clinical limitation of current practices in Myopia Control.

The use of online predictive tools such as MYOPIA.CARE can assist in demonstrating and offering a comparison to parents of any effect based on where the child was likely to be without intervention. Parents need to have realistic expectations at the outset and ongoing through the treatment period.

Each patient will respond to intervention differently and it is important to manage expectations as myopia development and progression cannot be prevented or fully controlled. It is important to present the limitations and the benefits of different treatment to patients or parents.

Some children will develop high myopia irrespective of any intervention, and the extent to which progression is reduced may be unpredictable. When undertaking myopia control therapy it is important to ensure that and appropriate and valid informed consent is obtained.

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